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Popular Woodworking Magazine has delivered articles and commentary from America’s best and brightest woodworkers for more than 30 years.

With decades of collective shop experience, the editorial staff is committed to a philosophy of hybrid woodworking – blending the best of hand tool and power tool woodworking. We bring you woodworking projects for every skill level ranging from our beginner I Can Do That series, to complex furniture plans using advanced woodworking techniques. Nearly every project also comes with a SketchUp model. Contributors include Roy Underhill, Christopher Schwarz, Mary May, Bob Flexner, Toshio Odate, Gary Rogowski and many more.

The magazine is published seven times annually, and is available digitally as well as in print – plus back issues can be explored in our article index. We also send out a free weekly woodworking newsletter for free and blog regularly on our editor’s blog, where you can join the conversation in the comments section.

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Meet the Editorial Staff

Editor & Content Director Megan Fitzpatrick studied journalism as an undergraduate at the University of Cincinnati and worked at two Cincinnati newspapers after graduating. She joined the Popular Woodworking team in 2005 as managing editor, then executive editor, and was promoted to her current position in late 2012. Megan enjoys building period furniture, and she prefers hand tools for most operations simply because they’re quieter. She holds a master’s degree in English literature, and has completed coursework and exams in her quest for a Ph.D. in early modern drama.



Executive Editor Robert W. Lang grew up in northeastern Ohio and has been a professional woodworker since the early 1970s. He learned woodworking repairing wooden boats on Lake Erie and in a large commercial shop in Cleveland. Along the way he studied industrial design at The Ohio State University, and his experience includes building custom furniture and cabinets as well as managing and engineering large architectural millwork projects. He is the author of several “Shop Drawings” books about furniture and interiors of the Arts & Crafts Movement of the early 1900s.

ChuckSenior Editor Chuck Bender began his woodworking career at the tender age of 12 making pieces for family and friends in his basement. In high school, he studied under Master Werner Duerr and later worked for a number of high-end cabinet shops before starting his own custom furniture business, and later, the woodworking school Acanthus Workshop. He decided to move from outside Philadelphia to Cincinnati and join our staff after succumbing to his Graeter’s ice cream addiction.

Glen 2 copy
Managing Editor Glen Huey changed his focus from home-building to building 18th- and early 19th-century furniture after completing a large built-in bar almost two decades ago – the success of that project helped nudge him into the furniture shop (it didn’t hurt that the change meant a heated shop instead of working outside in Midwest winters.) In 2005, with nearly 15 years of experience and writing a few furniture books, Glen became senior editor at Popular Woodworking Magazine, a position he held for five years before retiring to once again build custom pieces. But he missed the magazine; his new position combines a passion for woodworking with the business education he completed (too many years ago) at the University of Cincinnati.

Staff Photographer Al Parrish has been hiding behind the shutters for almost three decades. He graduated from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif. in the mid ’70s, and spent the next 23 years in Los Angeles as a freelance commercial photographer where his clients included Cigar Aficionado magazine, Apple Computer, Toyota and the NFL. His roots drew him back to Ohio in the late ’90s, and has been with F+W Publications, Inc. (our parent company) since 1999.